BOSS 2000 Storm Sewer Pipe
  • OwnerTown of Stettler
  • ContractorWooden Construction Ltd.
  • ConsultantAssociated Engineering Alberta Ltd.
  • Structure Details

    BOSS 2000

As part of a sanitary main replacement project, the Town of Stettler was faced with the challenge of replacing an aging storm sewer line under very low cover conditions.

After considering several options, Associated Engineering specified 750mm diameter BOSS 2000 HDPE storm pipe at 320kPa stiffness, complete with bell and gasket joints. The pipe was manufactured to surpass the requirements of CSA B182.8-02 for Profile Polyethylene Storm Sewer Pipe. The design and construction of BOSS 2000 storm pipe offers a distinct weight advantage over conventional sewer pipe. The low weight of the BOSS 2000 pipe provides ease of handling, positioning, and installation
that traditional pipe cannot match. The 750mm-diameter BOSS 2000 pipe on this project weighed only 30kgs/m, less than 1/10th the weight of conventional concrete pipe.

The robust character and durability of BOSS 2000 was put to the test when the contractor discovered an
unmarked utility line. Forty-two meters of pipe had to be removed and reinstalled at a new grade. This was done with little effort and each section was reused with no loss of pipe due to damage!

Fewer joints, ease of installation, smaller equipment, and lower transportation costs all result in lower installed cost of pipe and savings to the town. Armtec is proud of our diverse line of stormwater solutions and continues the tradition of offering innovative solutions at the best value to our customers.