Nestable Pipe

Nestable Pipe

Armtec nestable corrugated steel pipe (CSP) consists of matching half-round segments of corrugated steel which, when assembled, become lengths of full-round CSP ranging in size from 300mm to 1600mm in diameter. This pipe was developed almost 60 years ago for overseas installations. It is available in flange-type or notch-type configurations.

Product Features

• Various pipe diameters available
• Economical to ship
• Easily assembled
• Variety of materials for matching design service life to material service life

Typical Applications

• Strong casing for existing utility lines
• Culverts
• Storm drains


• Pipe sizes: flanged nestable pipe – 300mm to 1600mm diameters; notched nestable pipe – 300mm to 2000mm diameters
• Corrugation: 68mm x 13mm
• Coatings: galvanized steel, aluminized steel type 2, trenchcoat polymer laminated

Relevant Standards

• CSA G401-01 corrugated steel pipe products
• ASTM A929 and A760
• AASHTO M274 and M36


Please contact your local regional office for product availability in your area.
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