Pro-Eco-Lite Headwalls

Pro-Eco-Lite Headwalls

Pro-Eco-Lite headwalls are engineered from a composite reinforced polymer which combines the lightweight characteristics of plastic with the strength of concrete. In addition to its many functional advantages, this fish-friendly, non-leaching, non-corrosive material helps preserve the natural environment.

Pro-Eco-Lite headwalls can accommodate a wide variety of pipes (CSP, HDPE, PVC and concrete) ranging in diameter from 100mm to 2,000mm. Flow control accessories such as pre-fabricated trash racks, security grids and handrails, bolt-on scour aprons, pre-fabricated weir boards and frames, and pre-installed flap gates and slide gates can be added to enhance performance without affecting appearance.

Product Features

  • Lightweight – ideal for weak subgrades
  • Fast and simple installation – no grout system, easily moved by hand or on-site equipment
  • Durable – UV stabilized, fire resistant, non-corrosive
  • Versatile – can connect to a variety of pipes
  • Environmental benefits – fish friendly, non-leaching

Typical Applications

  • Flow control structures
  • Roadside ditches, ponds, dykes
  • Improved aesthetics for subdivisions and golf courses
  • Applications requiring improved hydraulic characteristics


Please contact your local regional office for product availability in your area.