Bin-Wall, Solid Waste Transfer Unit


Armtec’s Bin-Wall is an extremely versatile gravity retaining wall system made of rugged galvanized steel components. The system consists of adjoining, closed-face steel bins, filled with compacted granular material, and designed to the height and depth needed to resist overturning and sliding forces typical of gravity wall systems. The unique design enables Bin-Wall to adjust to minor ground movement without cracking or bulging.

Standard factory components can be used to construct walls with heights of up to 10 metres. Walls can be installed on side or lateral slopes, curves and where there are changes in elevation, either above or below the wall. All connections are bolted on-site.

Product Features

  • Sectional layout ensures maximum flexibility in configuring a wall
  • Light individual sections allow installation with light equipment
  • Fully nested parts allow for economical shipment over long distances
  • Flexible, bolted design can accommodate reasonable differential settlement

Typical Applications

  • Road or rail retaining walls
  • Loading ramps
  • Bridge abutments
  • Docks and piers at freshwater marinas
  • Solid waste transfer units
  • Aircraft blast walls (military applications)
  • Industrial development



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