Armtec Bin-Wall is a versatile system of site-assembled adjoining closed face steel bins that when backfilled, transform into a gravity-type retaining wall. Bin-Wall’s sturdy but lightweight components allow easy handling and quick assembly, making it an ideal choice for difficult installation conditions.
Suitable for side or lateral slopes, curves and elevation changes, its standard factory components can be used to construct walls up to 10 metres in height and custom configurations.

Features & Benefits

• Modular design suitable for a variety of applications and configurations
• Durable construction accommodates minor ground movement
• Easy to install without expensive lifting equipment and minimal excavation
• Lightweight, nested components allow economical shipping

Bin-Wall Retaining Wall Project Inquiry Form:

  • Bin-Wall Retaining Wall Project Inquiry Form


St.John's International Airport Bin-Wall:

  • St. John’s International Airport services approximately 1.5 million passengers per year connecting Newfoundland and Labrador to the rest of the world. Forecasts indicate that...MORE

Bin-Walls used for Soil Retention at Suncor Energy Station:

  • The main facility at Suncor Energy process plant requires a lot of power. Constructed in 2006 these massive galvanized gravity walls are the staging pad book ends for the Trans Alta Energy Sub...MORE

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