Durisol Precast Soundwalls

Highly sound absorptive panel and post soundwalls.

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•Noise absorptive on both sides


•Vermin and fungus proof

•Thermally insulating

•Freeze-thaw resistant

•Integrates with Armtec transparent, noise reflective and retaining products

•Available in a variety of finishes & colours

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Armtec's Durisol precast soundwalls are made of a proprietary material consisting of specially grade wood particles bonded with cement. Durisol is highly sound absorptive, as well as being porous, rigid, non-combustible, thermally insulating and freeze-thaw resistant.

Durisol precast soundwalls are panel and post systems. The vertical posts are anchored to the ground using caissons, driven piles, poured footings or structures. All panels span horizontally between the posts and rest directly on the footings. Armtec manufactures systems to three different specifications:

NB12 - posts typically located on 12ft (3.65m) centres
NB15 - posts typically located on 15ft (4.56m) centres
NB24 - posts typically located on 24ft (7.3m) centres

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