SRPE Pipe - BOSS 3000

BOSS 3000 is the latest evolution in Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) pipe technology.  Its High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) encapsulated galvanized steel ribs deliver an impressive 320 kPa pipe stiffness in diameters from 1050 to 2100 mm (42 to 84 in). This lightweight and highly inert pipe features a smooth interior wall to ensure optimal hydraulics. Its bell and gasketed spigot joints allow simple field connection and superior joint integrity, meeting the most conservative sewer pipe performance needs. BOSS 3000 is manufactured in Canada and meets all requirements of the CSA standards B182.14 and B182.15, providing municipalities with better value for the tax dollar.


Features & Benefits

  •         Extremely durable with an impressive 320 kPa pipe stiffness
  •         Available in long 6 m lengths for quick installation
  •         Light weight allows ease of handling and economical transportation
  •         Highly chemical, abrasion and UV-resistant
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