Strata-CAT Polymer Coating System

Armtec is the first structural plate manufacturer to develop and introduce Strata-CAT, a unique solvent free, environmentally friendly, two coat polymer coating system for Bridge-Plate -  Structural Plate Corrugated Steel Pipe (SPCSP), Multi-Plate - Deep Corrugated Structural Plate (DCSP) and Tunnel Liner Plate. The base coat is a zinc-rich layer providing outstanding corrosion resistance while the top coat polymer layer provides superior resistance to impact, corrosion, abrasion and diluted inorganic acid or alkali. The minimum thickness of the coating system is 20mils (10mils per side). The system is designed to provide a service life between 50 and 100 years, depending on environmental parameters. Armtec Strata-CAT is available for all steel thicknesses, and it coats the entire plate.

Features & Benefits
• Extends long-term life of storm sewer and culvert structures
• Delivers a strong, durable barrier between the structure and the environment
• System is chemically bonded to substrate, preventing de-lamination
• Provides excellent corrosion resistance against diluted acids, salts and alkalis
• Can be applied on full or partial structural components

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