Armtec products are part of everyday life, helping build a stronger, more sustainable society. Our products are used to construct bridges, roads,factories, offices, parks, shopping centres, parking garages and sports venues. They protect communities from excessive noise. They provide effective drainage and sewage systems. They beautify residential and commercial landscapes.


At Armtec, we work to meet the needs of our customers, investors, employees and society at large – while building for tomorrow.

Our commitment to sustainability includes both the products we make and the way in which we work:

  • The safety of employees at our workplaces comes above all else.
  • We seek to minimize the environmental impact of our products and operations. We’re making real progress in reducing and eliminating physical and process waste through our focus on lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

Ontario TRA Reporting

Armtec Woodstock Precast 2014 TRA Reduction Plan Summary
Armtec Woodstock Precast 2014 TRA Substance Accounting