In order to confirm product availability in your area, please tell us where you are building your project

In order to confirm product availability in your area, please tell us where you are building your project.

Pipe & Culvert Solutions

Armtec is known for quality and dependability in drainage solution products such as corrugated steel pipe, and high density polyethylene pipe and tubing. We offer an exceptional range of custom and standard pipe and culvert products and accessories to meet a wide variety of drainage challenges while serving all markets across Canada.

We manufacture products in our own quality-controlled production facilities and work with our customers to provide the broadest possible range of options. If the exact product is not available, we’ll custom build a solution to meet your unique site conditions or project specifications.

Corrugated Steel Pipe:

With a multitude of sizes, shapes, coatings and materials options, Armtec’s corrugated steel pipe (CSP) and related products offer unparalleled versatility and flexibility in designing drainage solutions. In addition, corrugated steel pipe is light weight, strong, easy to install and can often be delivered as nested pieces for economical shipping.

Our various types of Corrugated Steel Pipe include:

  • CSP End Sections
  • Nestable Pipe (flanged or notch type configurations)
  • Hel-Cor Galvanized CSP
  • Aluminized Type 2
  • Ditch Liner Slotted Drain
  • Manhole Cover 

Typical Applications:

  • Road Culverts
  • Storm Sewers
  • Stormwater detention systems
  • Utility galleries and conduits
  • Structure Relines

HDPE Pipe & Tubing (BOSS, BIG O, Bruce Tile)

Armtec is a leading HDPE pipe supplier in Canada. Our BOSS drainage, storm and sewer pipes and fittings are proven performers in municipal, industrial and forestry pipe applications. Our single-wall corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing is designed for agricultural drainage and residential drainage applications with the sole purpose of directing water away from a desired area.

HDPE Drainage Tubing:

Armtec high density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing is a cost-effective material for subdrainage applications. We offer tubing in solid, perforated and perforated with filter geotextile sock. It is also available in black and white in most of our locations. These options allow for the best possible subsurface drainage due to the many differing soil types. For fine grained sand and coarse silts, perforated tubing with a knitted or woven filter sock will ensure that soil particles do not enter the tubing and create flow restrictions.

Armtec also offers custom perforations to account for more specific soil types. Contact your local Armtec Sales Office for more information.  

Typical Applications:

  • Agricultural drainage
  • Water collection
  • Foundation drainage
  • Conduits


Engineered for gravity flow systems, BOSS High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is available in a range of designs to meet standard and unique project requirements. The design and construction of BOSS products offer a distinct weight advantage over conventional sewer pipe, providing easy of handling, positioning, installing and connecting.  

Our BOSS products include BOSS 1000 – a single-wall pipe with unique corrugations profiles, BOSS 2000 – a dual-wall pipe with smooth inner wall for superior hydraulic performance and BOSS POLYTITE – a dual-wall, CSA certified pipe for the most demanding municipal applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Road culverts
  • Storm sewers
  • Stormwater detention systems
  • Structure relines
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