Architectural Components

Armtec precast concrete architectural elements are recognized for their durability, aesthetics and economy, as well as their fast and easy installation. Customers can see the value Armtec’s architectural precast products deliver as a single source provider for the various components they may require. Production efficiencies, material consistency and adherence to  tolerances are all factors that can greatly affect the success of a project. With Armtec Precast you ensure your project’s success from start to finish. 

Armtec also offers innovative CarbonCast Architectural Cladding. It features carbon fiber wythe connectors to deliver continuous insulation without compromising aesthetic flexibility. Energy savings have never looked so good. Armtec offers CarbonCast through its membership in AltusGroup, a network of premier precasters dedicated to bringing innovative technology to the building industry.

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Features & Benefits

  • Durable precast concrete manufactured to highest quality standards
  • Wide range of colours, textures and shapes
  • Rich and varied colours, shapes and surface textures can be combined to create stunning effects.
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