Exterior Insulated Load Bearing Walls

High performance building envelope with structural load bearing capacity.

Armtec Precast’s exterior insulated load bearing walls are a resilient construction solution. Offering 3 key attributes in one product, our exterior insulated load bearing walls include the full building envelope, the external and internal wythe, and the architectural finish on the outside. Our walls allow full design flexibility and are a viable high performance building envelope option for building construction.

Installing a single panel replaces three different trades hence the accelerated speed of construction and/or fast-tracked schedule.

Our wall panels can also be designed to meet the new building energy code, prescriptively or via energy modeling.


Features & Benefits:

  • Off-site Construction

  • Design Flexibility - Architectural and building envelope (R value)

  • Durability - Concrete design mixes are selected for its low chloride penetration (permeability) and hence improve durability

  • Quality - Follows rigorous Armtec Quality System Manual which meet or exceed CSA and CPCI standards  

  • Prestressed - Mitigates cracks that can occur due to service loads, shipping, handling, wind, and thermal bowing  

  • Quick Install - Depending on connection details, can install 4500 sq ft of panels per day – no matter the time of year!



  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Institutional

  • Industrial

  • Total Precast – a comprehensive solution that can further enhance the value proposition when used in an “Armtec Total Precast Solution”


Manufactured year-round, in a controlled environment.

Offered at a variety of Armtec Precast facilities across Canada. Contact us today. 

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