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Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions: Structural & Corrugated Steel, HDPE Pipe, Water Control, Stormwater Management

Edmonton’s Drainage Solutions provides agricultural and infrastructure solutions across Alberta and Northwest Territories. This includes a diverse range of structural corrugated steel and high density polyethylene bridge and pipe products including BEBO concrete arches for low rise requirements.

Our team also provides a complete range of standard and engineered infrastructure products for soil retention, highway safety, water control and stormwater and wastewater management. From simple to complex infrastructure projects in cities or rural mining locations, our team provides complete service from sales, project management, engineering services and installation.

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403-204-8500 / 800-222-6502

403-204-8500 / 800-222-6502


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Bridge Materialsdroparrow
Highway Barriers & Safety Productsdroparrow
Landscaping & Amenitiesdroparrow
Patio Slabs
Exposed Slab
Pipe & Culvertsdroparrow
Septic & Holding Tanksdroparrow
Soil Retention & Stabilizationdroparrow
Retaining Walls (Soil Stabilization)
Pro-Eco-Lite Headwalls
Stormwater Solutionsdroparrow
Trench Drains – HAURATON Surface Drainage
BOSS HDPE Pipe for Stormwater Management
HDPE Pipe – BOSS Polytite
Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) for Stormwater Management
Hel-Cor CSPTrenchcoat Polymer Film
Headwalls for Stormwater Management
Pro-Eco-Lite Headwalls
Underground & Utilitiesdroparrow
Conveyor Covers
Trenches & Utilidors
Nestable Pipe
Tunnel Liner
Tunnel Liner Plate
Water Control Gatesdroparrow