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Armtec’s Precast Concrete and Drainage Solution products can be found all across the continental United States including Alaska. This includes our architectural and structural precast products, Durisol absorptive and transparent soundwall barriers, precast landscape products, precast roof slabs, HDPE agricultural drainage tubing and pipe and all types of structural and corrugated steel pipe.

Our products provide solutions for all types of infrastructure projects in all sectors ranging from industrial and construction, roads, highways and bridges to forestry and mining.

Soundwalls (USA) products:
1-860-873-1737 (Sales Rep: Eric Humphries)

Drainage Solution (USA) products:

Precast Concrete Solutions:

Our precast products are available to neighbouring states along the US/Canada border. For information visit our Precast Concrete products Sales Office closest to you.

Bridge Materialsdroparrow
Pipe & Culvertsdroparrow
Platon Membranedroparrow
Septic & Holding Tanksdroparrow
Soil Retention & Stabilizationdroparrow
Stormwater Solutionsdroparrow
BOSS HDPE Pipe for Stormwater Management
HDPE Pipe – BOSS 2000HDPE Pipe – BOSS Polytite
Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) for Stormwater Management
Aluminized Steel Type 2Hel-Cor CSPUltra Flo Storm Pipe
Headwalls for Stormwater Management
Pro-Eco-Lite Headwalls
Stormwater Treatment & Detention Systems
Collector Pans
Underground & Utilitiesdroparrow
Trenches & Utilidors
Nestable Pipe
Tunnel Liner
Tunnel Liner Plate
Water Control Gatesdroparrow